FIW’s Mission and the FIW Model of Family Therapy

For 30 years Family Institute of Westchester has devoted itself to the training of new generations of family therapists, tailoring that training to the individual needs of clinicians who come to learn here. Professionals at various levels of their development as clinicians will always find an opportunity for expanding their skills.

FIW is well-known for its high level of therapy supervision and its challenging didactic seminars, as well as for its warmth and support of trainee needs. If you want to know if you have the qualifications to train at FIW, take a look at Who Can Train?

We believe that the family is the most accessible and most responsive unit of therapeutic care. While the FIW approach supports the notion that psychological problems are developed and maintained in the social environment of the family, the FIW Multicontextual Model also puts great emphasis upon the larger social influences of class, culture, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender.

A pioneering institution in the development of feminist family therapy, FIW has long supported the view that the family is a reflection not only of its own three-generational experience but also deeply influenced by the larger world in which it lives.

To this end we have supported special programs in cross-cultural therapy, working with gay and lesbian families, Orthodox Jewish families, and families struggling with life-threatening illness.

FIW owes a great debt to its founder, Betty Carter, whose groundbreaking work in many areas of family therapy occupies the core of the FIW approach.

International & Agency Hosting

Upon request, FIW offers specialized short-term clinical training and supervision for individuals and groups from abroad as well as for staffs of local agencies. These programs are specifically tailored to meet these groups’ needs and gives them an opportunity to spend time with Institute faculty and trainees.

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